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Everyone Loves Cheat Sheets!


I found these cheat sheets on calculus at, so I thought I would share. Some of it we do not need yet, but we will later on in the semester.

You can also click here and get the printable version, so you can keep all of these cheat sheets with you in your backpack!





Calculus class has been easy so far.  All we have learned about is continuity and limits. “If you have to pick up your pencil when drawing the graph of the function then it is not a continuous function.” 

Yesterday we did learn a short cut when finding limits to a piece wise function:

If we substitute x=k into a rational function and get \frac {N}{0} latex where N is a non-zero number, then there is a vertical asymptote at x=k, and the limit \bullet  \overset{lim (fx)}{x \rightarrow k} DNE

\large OR

If we substitute x=k  into a rational function and get \frac {0}{0}, then it might be a point discontinuity but it might be a vertical asymptote . Therefore, we have to do more work. Factor numerator and denominator and cancel.


Some Great Tips!


Even though this video is really dumb and funny, these kids actually put some really good websites in the video that can help you in calculus through the semester. Good Luck!

As far as I have checked into CALC-CHAT, it seems to be free and an easy way to get help. Check it out by clicking here.

…About Me…


My name is MathWoman and I am a freshman at Texas State. My calculus class and I are starting blogs for our class to help each other broaden our minds as well as our own minds in calculus.  I am completely new to the blogging world and I hope as I continue to blog through the semester I become better at communicating what I learn and how I learn things in calculus. I am interested to see how this bog will impact me in my calculus class and look forward to reading my classmates blogs. So far I have learned some minor math functions that will be helpful when posting equations. Here are some examples of what I have learned:

\sqrt10            \sqrt[5]12               \frac {123}{456}             \dfrac {x^5 + \sqrt 8}{\sqrt5 + x^8}